Thank you Malaysian, we have achieve more then 60 cases across our campaigns.

Kindness beyond Borders

Welcome on board to This crowdfunding platform is to collect money  for those who are in need. All applicants and beneficiaries had been subjected to stringent checks by our team before we tried to raise money for them.

It is also meant to help the young people who have the interest to do charity but they might find it difficult to fund their charity projects, allowing them to come here to do the crowdfunding.  This will certainly encourage more youths to be more participative in doing charity works therefore instil the kindness in our youths and make Malaysia a better country. 

Every donation is recorded properly and we have all the datas to show for audit purposes and the beneficiaries can request for the records of donations at any time.

For those who need help, please contact our Hotline 03 80656666 for enquiries.

We reserve our rights in deducting the charges incurred in management and charges for payment gateway as we do need the fund to maintain this crowdfunding platform. Our management fees will be based on 10% of the donation collected but it will be based on every case to case basis.

Total fund raised

Thank you, we’ve raised RM7,304,852.98 across all our campaign! Let's keep it up!

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