is a non-profit organisation – Help to raise money in order to help the less fortunate people around Malaysia. To put it simply, relies solely on funding and donations from organisations and generous individuals to continue our services to provide humanitarian assistance to our beneficiaries.

This is how it works in general:

1. Submit Application to Start Campaign

To start a donation campaign, individuals will need to submit an application on

2. Verifies

Our team will verify each application to the best of our abilities to prevent scam and fraud campaigns. We will get the applicants to be as transparent as possible so that our community sponsors can make an informed decision when donating a campaign.

3. Campaign Page Goes Live

Once we have verified an application, we will launch the donation campaign page. The campaign will be live for 30 days or until all donation are fulfiled.

4. Garner Support & Raise Funds

Within the campaign period, the applicant and team will be working together to promote the campaign and raise the donation. It has been proven that the probability of success of a campaign increases with more promotions and awareness.

5. Every Donation Counts!

Upon end of the campaign, all funds will be released to the applicant. shall take 8% of the total charity fund as all funds will be verified.